How to calculate Fragrance Oil 

Firstly you will need to determine what percentage of fragrance oil you want to use. This will vary depending on the type of oil, and type of wax. Refer to manufacturers guidelines.

For this example we will use 6%

Here’s a simple formula, for 250g of wax

250 X 0.06  = 15 grams. The total weight of this candle would be 265 grams.

To work backwards, if your candle jar has a volume of 250 grams and you want to calculate wax & fragrance, first determine what percentage of FO you want to use.

Again, for the example we’ll used 6%

250 / 1.06 = 236 grams wax. 250 – 236 = 14 grams fragrance oil.

Note: we measure wax and fragrance by weight, rather than volume. The best way to do this is with Digital scales. Use the Tare/zero function to zero the scales beteen adding wax and fragrance.  

How to weigh Fragrance Oil

You will need a set of digital scales, basic kitchen scale will work well for this purpose.

One method is to pour the oil into a measuring cup, then add to your melted wax

Another method, with your pouring jug containing melted wax, ‘tare’ your scales to zero, then add the Fragrance directly to the melted wax saving the need to clean another measuring utensil.

Stir in fragrance gently and thoroughly,

If you’re making a large batch of candles, simply multiply the required wax by number candles, then calculate how much fragrance you require.

For example, 250g X 8 candles, 7% fragrance

250 X 8 = 2000 grams wax. 2000 X 0.07 = 140 grams fragrance